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Building blocks of the country

As part of the largest privately-owned steel supply and processing company in Australia, Southern Steel WA is ideally positioned to service any sized infrastructure or railroad project.

From contractors, to government, to multinational corporations, our expert team can find the best solutions to meet the demanding deadlines, fast turnaround times and specialised steel supply and processing needs of almost any job.

Quality is the hallmark of our work and the steel we supply. We only source and process the best quality of steel for your requirements. All our steel is supplied to Australian standards.

Steel frame work

Unparalleled capability

Southern Steel WA is your local expert in the supply and processing of high-quality steel, using advanced machinery to meet the unique requirements of the infrastructure and railroad industry.

Our range of plate rolling machines allows us to meet almost any requirement, processing light, medium and heavy gauge plates into simple or more complex shapes.

Pressing heavy steel plate from 1mm to 100mm on our six machines, we have the capability to process almost any sized component.

Our extensive in-house tooling library allows us to achieve highly complex steel bending, folding and cutting, while our unparalleled cutting, pressing and plate rolling capabilities mean we can offer a one-stop shop solution for all our clients.

Construction of mass light rail transit train track infrastructure

Custom processing

Working with heavy grade steel requires a specialised capability.

Our unparalleled processing capability means we can deliver high-quality steel for bridges, rail track, ports and airports, and other infrastructure projects of any size, as well as the housing and distribution of utilities such as fuel, water and power.

We have the capacity to press extra heavy sections, and our impressive on-site tooling library ensures increased throughput and efficiency. With the ability to drill and countersink quench and tempered steel, the quality and integrity of your steel are guaranteed.

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Expert advice

Working collaboratively to solve problems and deliver solutions is central to our service. Our handpicked, expert team members are committed to providing personalised, fit-for-purpose solutions for all of our clients.

We focus every step of our business workflow on efficiency and quality, from planning and processing through to project completion, delivering precise, high-quality workmanship on time, every time.

You can have confidence knowing that Southern Steel WA is driven to provide solutions to meet the needs of the infrastructure industry with reliability, efficiency and professionalism.

Partner with the experts in steel for railroads

We are WA’s largest privately owned steel merchant, with unmatched supply capability for our clients in the railroad and infrastructure industry. Whatever your steel requirements, contact us – we’d love to help.

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We are WA’s largest privately owned steel merchant. Whatever your steel requirements, give us a call - we'd love to help.