Delivering steel for a large infrastructure project

steel frame structure under construction

How Southern Steel WA supports important infrastructure projects

Southern Steel WA is renowned for the exceptional support we provide for clients working in infrastructure projects across Australia.

With our unparalleled steel-processing capabilities, exceptional customer service and tireless commitment to quality, it’s no surprise our expert team members build strong client relationships that last for decades.

We spoke with a valued SSWA client who is regarded as one of the highest quality builders in the transportable building industry. They specialise in the manufacturing, modification and refurbishment of a wide range of transportable buildings from ablution units to crib rooms, site accommodation and office complexes.

We asked the project manager why Southern Steel WA remains their steel supplier of choice.

Western Australia road project

A large-scale project

The Bunbury Outer Ring Road is a 27 kilometre stretch of free-flowing highway that provides an alternative route around Bunbury and helps separate local and regional traffic, linking the Forrest Highway in the North to the Bussell Highway in the South.

Construction started February 2021 and is due for completion in 2024.

This contractor is the provider of on-site support services for this huge infrastructure project, with Southern Steel WA being their major supplier of structural steel.

We’ve been working with them for nine years or so. Sure, there might be other suppliers who can do what they do, but no one can match their customer service.

You talk about suppliers going the extra mile for their clients every now and then, but Southern Steel WA does that for us all the time. With wharf stock shortages and supply chain issues due to COVID, they sourced steel from outside their usual channels to make sure we had what we needed so the project didn’t stall,” says the project manager.

Our team at Southern Steel WA does the heavy lifting, which means our clients can remain focused on the task at hand while we make sure their people are as comfortable as they can be on-site.

Roller door open showing steel warehouse

Unparalleled capability

As a leader in the design and manufacture of customised products for the infrastructure industry, the highly-skilled Southern Steel WA team performs the majority of their processing in-house.

All their processes are streamlined, so it’s easy working with them. And stock levels… they’ve got everything we need. But if they don’t have it on the shelf, they can get it – or process it – to meet our requirements.”

Having large-scale capacity and all the necessary resources under the one roof means our streamlined processes can meet the stress of intense time pressures – this means Southern Steel WA can meet extremely tight turnarounds.

An expert operating a machine

Your experts in steel

High-quality steel, unparalleled capability and exceptional customer service. That’s at the heart of the Southern Steel WA experience, and what makes us the perfect partner for clients working in infrastructure.

“Their prices are competitive, and the customer service is second to none. We get a weekly call or visit from our rep just to make sure we’ve got the steel we need. They take the hassle of ordering and inventory out of our hands. I don’t mind paying a little extra for that peace of mind.”

Our handpicked team of experts can provide recommendations on how a component can be pressed, cut or shaped for the most cost-effective outcome. We use state-of-the-art design software integrated with our metal cutting and forming capability and specialised nesting software to minimise waste and maximise value.

And with our expertise comes great advice. With over 60 years of experience, we know steel. Our team is committed to quality at every stage of your project.

“The internal sales team personnel go out of their way to understand who we are and what we do. They’re proactive when it comes to making sure we have what we need. And the ordering process is easy, and it’s a quick turnaround. It’s great knowing we can order today, and the steel will be delivered tomorrow.”

Partner with the steel experts in infrastructure

Whether you need high-quality off-the-shelf components or a bespoke grade of steel, we have unparalleled capability to meet the unique needs of your project.

If your infrastructure project needs quality steel products and custom steel processing solutions, end your search with us by calling us today.


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